Engage with your Candidates

We are asking you to seize the day, and engage with each of your candidates for our upcoming federal election, asking them to sign the Pledge, and thereby show their political will for real action on climate change. Here's How.


Candidates Who Have Pledged

The following Candidates for the 2015 federal election have signed the ClimateFast Pledge for Politicians.

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Name Riding Party
Aman, Raheem Hamilton Mountain GP
Benson, Sheri Saskatoon West NDP
Bigland-Pritchard, Mark Saskatoon-Grasswood GP
Casselman, Laura Scarborough--Guildwood NDP
Erskine-Smith, Nathaniel Beaches-East York Lib
Harrop, Brandie Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan GP
Hollett, Jennifer University-Rosedale NDP
Hosein, Richard Fleetwwod-Port Kells GP
Kritsonis, Constantine York Centre GP
Levitt, Michael York Centre Lib
MacCallum, William Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock GP
McQuaig, Linda Toronto Centre NDP
Payne, Anita Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston GP
Phipps, Adam Parkdale—High Park GP
Sinnott, Patricia Northumberland-Peterborough South GP
Tessari, Wyatt Burnaby South GP
Virani, Arif Parkdale-High Park Lib
Zichy, Adriana Vaughan-Woodbridge NDP