Newsletter day one


ClimateFast 2013

Dear friends,

The ClimateFasters survived a rainy day yesterday in Ottawa. Today the first day on Parliament Hill started at 1:00pm. Tomorrow the ClimateFasters will be on the Hill from 9am - 6pm. Come out to support them if you are in Ottawa

Some of you have received replies to your letters to Members of Parliament. Some of them try to justify the governments position on our three ASKS. In the next day or so we will be preparing a page of rebuttals to their arguments. If you have received a response to your letter with what you believe is misleading information, please forward them to us at the contact info at the bottom of this newsletter

We've been adding interesting material to the Resources page - see

One of the ClimateFasters, Amelia Rose, prepared an article on how to reduce your carbon footprint by following a vegan diet at We are not suggesting that you all become vegans but it does draw attention to the carbon that is generated by our diet.

Please let your friends know that they can subscribe to our newsletter when they pledge or at

Best wishes,

Patricia on behalf of
The ClimateFast Team,
Hungry for Climate Leadership


Donate to ClimateFast

Climate Fast participants are volunteers; your donation will be used for expenses such as flyers, room rental and transportation. Your support is very much appreciated!
If you would like to donate by cheque, make it payable to:
Ontario Voice of Women for Peace, (with Climate Fast in the memo line)
Mail it to:
7 Labatt Avenue, Suite 201 Ci
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