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Policy advocacy is a critical means to achieve lasting and meaningful change. It is a way to share and advance your policies and priorities with the public and government, and engage communities to bring their voices to a larger audience. 

What is Advocacy?

An advocate is someone who speaks up for others. The advocate may be an individual or an organization.  Advocacy  involves identifying, embracing and promoting a cause. Advocacy is an effort to shape public perception or to effect change that may or may not require legislation.

The Canadian CED Network: The Art of Advocacy


Examples of ClimateFast Advocacy

Election Advocacy - Climatefast worked with other climate action groups as TeamCanada 2012 to make climate a key election issue. We encouraged candidates to sign the Fossil Fuel Pledge, distributed door hangers, flyers and buttons, and held a rally at Queens Park. Read more

Fossil Fuel Election Campaign - read more

City of Toronto Budget - read more


Become An Advocate

ClimateFast encourages everyone to become a climate advocate. Here are a few suggestions for individual actions: 

Write a letter

Letters to the editor, and call-ins to talk shows can be very effective in bringing our concerns to public attention. All politicians’ offices track the letters to the editor and many shows, like CBC’s the Current, read letters on air. When a newspaper or radio show receives a number of letters or calls on an issue, this raises the likelihood they will print one. Letters in response to a current editorial or feature article, or major media story, have the most likelihood of being printed, and it helps to keep the length to 150 words or less. Learn More

Sit down with a politician

Tips for Meeting with Councillors



Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) - Advocacy Resources - includes Advocacy Toolkit, Advocacy Spectrum, and a Tip Sheet

Nonprofit Advocacy Survival Guide by Imagine Canada and Keela

An Activist’s Guide to Online Privacy and Safety by CyberGhost Research Team, posted on the Privacy Hub, Sept 13, 2021