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This is the last of three programs on food and farming through a climate lens.

Speakers include:

  • Sally Miller, Fair Finance Fund
  • Sunday Harrison, Green Thumbs Growing Kids
  • Michelle Delaney, Thorncliffe Park Urban Farmers
  • Lily Phan, National Farmers Union (farmer)
  • Josephine Grey, EcoJust Food Network, OASIS

Food systems have a huge impact on climate and climate has a huge influence on food production. Agriculture and land-use release as much carbon emissions every year as global electricity production -- and far more than the transport sector. Through three sessions, we are bringing to light the importance of the land and food production as drivers of global warming--and what we can do about it!


Learn how agriculture and changes in our food system can be a climate solution. Research by Project Drawdown has demonstrated that by scaling up existing solutions, land-use can become a carbon sink rather than a source, while securing future food production, protecting natural systems and creating a more equitable world.


View recordings of the first two webcasts in the Groundworks series.


MONDAY JUNE 7 - Food, Land, Climate: Groundwork for Change


MONDAY JULY 12 - Groundwork: The Challenge and Promise of Regenerative Agriculture


Collaborating organizations: