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Research shows that change takes place in group discussions, especially those with a trusted communicator. If we come together, we can work toward a green, healthy and just future. It will take the wider community – not just a small group of engaged citizens – to get us there. So what can we do? Talking about the changes we need to see is one of the most significant steps we can take. 

Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCCs) present a way we can create a dedicated space to share experiences, feelings and ideas about climate change. They begin with a host who invites others to come sit around their table and engage in a guided conversation. Virtual tables for now of course! Hosts can run the conversation themselves or work with a facilitator.

First Kitchen Table Climate Conversation

We invite you to be part of a project that involves as many people as possible - ‘Kitchen Table Climate Conversations’! 

 Learn more about the Kitchen Table Climate Conversations project.


Campaign for 1000 Kitchen Table Climate Conversations Launched!