WHO WE ARE: ClimateFast, a concerned, dedicated volunteer, not-for-profit group, strives to build political will and to persuade parliamentarians to work toward urgent and substantial action on climate change.

ClimateFast has a dual meaning: first, we must act on climate –fast.  We are in a crisis and need coordinated action for deep cuts in carbon emissions.  We must end fossil fuel subsidies, put a price on carbon and develop a renewable energy plan for Canada.  We advocate for these changes with our MPs and other representatives.  We encourage public educational events, and writing letters to the editor.

On the first of the each month, some members fast (carbon/food) in solidarity with the international Fast for the Climate(link is external).  In fasting we reflect on the plight of people affected by catastrophic climate change caused by rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and thereby strengthen our resolve to call for action to abate the climate crisis.

To draw attention to our campaign, since 2012 we have held four Annual Fasts and Vigils on Parliament Hill.  We also hold workshops and forums and publish the ClimateFast Newsletter.


More than 130 MPs in the previous Parliamentary session signedthe ClimateFast pledge, and approximately 50 of these have been re-elected, along with several new MPs who pledged as candidates.  The MPs list is available for people to view.

Prime Minister Trudeau campaigned on ending fossil fuel subsidies, putting a price on carbon and developing renewables in Canada.