Climate matters! Here's how to vote - advance polls open now!


The election is coming soon, and advance polls are open now.  Many races will be very close.  Your vote could make a difference in your riding. If you are not sure who to vote for yet please check ClimateFast's summary of the party positions for information on climate policies.  

ClimateFast election questionnaire on party commitments to climate action

 And we also recommend reading the TTCRiders report card so you can vote for better transit - essential to meet our carbon reduction targets - in this election.

Many candidates need help; if there's a candidate you support, and you have time, volunteer to help anytime between now and Election Day.

For information on where you vote and how you vote, check this link "How to Vote" page on the Election Ontario website. This page will also give you information about the advanced polls. Alternatively, this page on the website will give you all the info you need, including  your riding just by inputting your postal code.  

Advance polls are open now through Wednesday May 30th, from 10 am to 8 pm.

For the City of Toronto to implement the programs in TransformTO we must elect a climate-action-friendly government on June 7th.  Let's all do our part!

the ClimateFast team