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TransformTO 2050 Climate Plan - Report #2 – Climate Action for a Healthy, Equitable and Prosperous Toronto


The TransformTO Report #2:  Climate Action for a Healthy Equitable and Prosperous Toronto, was unanimously adopted at the Parks and Environment Committee on May 4th.  Fantastic news!

Now the Report goes to City Council on May 24th recommended for adoption.  This report which has the subtitle: Pathway to a Low Carbon Toronto.  The report details the actions required to meet the 80% GHG emission reduction target by 2050. There is no budget attached and it’s possible we could have the report adopted unanimously at Council.

You can read the reportAnd listen to a recording of the April 27th webinar on the report: webinar video. You can also sign up for the TransformTO email list.

Have Your Say! This Week – Write, Call or Speak to the Mayor and your Councillor before the May 24th vote.  You can reach the mayor at: Mayor_tory@toronto.ca  or call his office: 416-397-CITY (2489).

Send a copy of your email to your Councillor:  councillor_lastname@toronto.ca, and bcc carbonfreeTO@climatefast.ca .   Click here if you need to look up your councillor's name or email address; you can check via postal code.  Phone numbers are listed and phone calls are very effective in registering your concern to your Councillor.

Your message:  I am calling to urge you to champion in Council the adoption of an aggressive plan of climate action for the City of Toronto, the TransformTO 2050 climate action plan, and to give high priority to funding climate change in the upcoming 2018 budget.  Will Councillor ____ be voting for this plan?

ClimateFast is co-ordinating  setting up meetings with councilors.  If you would like to join in a meeting with your councillor please email Sharon at: councillormeetings@climatefast.ca with your contact info.  (Name, phone number and your ward # or councillor’s name.)




Children Join Growing Call to Fund TransformTO!

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Please visit the Toronto's Future Weather and Climate Driver Study to learn more about the graphic above.