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TransformTO 2050 Climate Plan - Report #2 – Climate Action for a Healthy, Equitable and Prosperous Toronto

July 4th Press Release and July 3rd letter to councillors.  For action steps visit the newsletter page.  Councillor contact info and voting record: scroll down on the right.



Members of Toronto’s climate action community will be at Toronto City Hall at 9:30 am Tuesday morning to press City Council for a target of 80% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. Council is expected to vote on the City’s Climate Action Plan: TransformTO 2050 Pathway to a Low Carbon Toronto. Children from Thornecliffe Park Public School Gr. 3 classroom who deputed at the Parks and Environment Committee in May with their poem ‘Think of Me’ will also be present.

“We are concerned that the mayor and some councillors intend to strip away elements of TransformTO on the council floor rather than approve the plan in its entirety. Because of its comprehensive, integrated nature, any such political meddling will result in a water downed plan incapable of producing the emission reduction targets that are in keeping with Toronto's international commitments. “ said Rosemary Boissonneau, Vice-Chair of ClimateFast.

Rosemary Boissonneau and Sharon Howarth of ClimateFast will present a total of 2000 signatures in support of the plan. ‘What’s not to love about this plan? It will bring thousands of jobs into the city and do our part for a livable climate for the future.” said Howarth. ‘Many cities have already committed to completely de-carbonize by 2050. Yet our Mayor has not committed even to 80% reduction in GHGs by 2050 which is the absolute minimum we must achieve.’

“The time to act is now” said Boissonneau citing rapidly rising temperatures: “Canada is 1.7 C warmer than in 1948 and we only have Three years to safeguard our Climate according to a recently released study.”

Also present will be Catherine Abreu, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada.


“Cities are where future possibilities are made tangible realities. Urban areas represent 70% of energy-related global emissions - for this reason and so many more, they’re at the centre of converging global frameworks like the Paris Agreement on climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the New urban Agenda.


Toronto is a global leader on a variety of fronts; it’s time Canada’s largest city join New York, Stockholm, Vancouver, and others by committing to precedent-setting climate action.” - Catherine Abreu, Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada

On February 13th the Thorncliffe Park students delivered Valentine's for Climate Action to the Mayor and to Councillor Burnside (to their offices at City Hall).  Some of their Valentines can be seen at: www.climatefast.ca/carbonfreeTO. This will be their third visit to City Hall for climate action. Students say: ‘Think of us – stop changing the climate!’

Rosemary Boissonneau, 416-436-0482 Vice-Chair ClimateFast, climatefast.ca/carbonfreeTO

Catherine Abreu +1 902 412 8953 Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada: climateactionnetwork.ca

Teacher James Snetsinger: 647-280-0807

For more information:


CHILDREN’S ACTIONS: www.climatefast.ca/valentines-tea-mayor (video) Children Join Growing Call to Fund TransformTO! http://www.climatefast.ca/sites/default/files/files/Children%20Call%20Out.mp4




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The TransformTO Report #2:  Climate Action for a Healthy Equitable and Prosperous Toronto, was unanimously adopted at the Parks and Environment Committee on May 4th.  And was on City Council agenda on May 24th recommended for adoption.  However due to a crowded agenda the item was held down for the next meeting on July 4/5/6.

This report which has the subtitle: Pathway to a Low Carbon Toronto details the actions required to meet the 80% GHG emission reduction target by 2050. There is no budget attached and it’s possible we could have the report adopted unanimously at Council.

Have Your Say! This Week – Write, Call or Speak to your Councillor now! 

before the July 4th vote Your councillor can be reached at: councillor_lastname@toronto.ca, and bcc carbonfreeTO@climatefast.ca.  Click here if you need to look up your councillor's name or email address; you can check via postal code.  Phone numbers are listed and phone calls are very effective in registering your concern to your Councillor.



Dear Councillor [your Councillor’s name],

I am writing to support the adoption of the TransformTO climate action plan that will be on the July council meeting agenda.

Besides fighting climate change TransformTO will create many jobs and improve the health of Torontonians. 

The current flooding of Toronto Island demonstrates the cost of climate inaction and the importance of doing our part with the global community to stay under the temperature rise of 2 degrees warming.

Can you please assure me that you will support the full implementation and funding of the  TransformTO plan, in its entirety, when it comes to council in July?

(your name and address)

Toronto to stay the course on fighting climate change, even though Donald Trump won't

ClimateFast is co-ordinating  setting up meetings with councillors.  If you would like to join in a meeting with your councillor please email Sharon at: councillormeetings@climatefast.ca with your contact info.  (Name, phone number and your ward # or councillor’s name.)

You can read the report. And listen to a recording of the April 27th webinar on the report: webinar video. You can also sign up for the TransformTO email list.

You can reach the mayor at: Mayor_tory@toronto.ca or call his office: 416-397-CITY (2489).




Children Join Growing Call to Fund TransformTO!

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Please visit the Toronto's Future Weather and Climate Driver Study to learn more about the graphic above.