UN Climate Week - September 21 - September 27

Livable Futures for All

Fridays for Future - Toronto have partnered with multiple different oranizations for the UN Climate Week (September 21 - September 27), to host events focusing on five different pillars. ClimateFast is working on a few different events and actions for September 22, 2020 based on the pillar "Livable Futures for All".

"The environmental crisis threatens the most fundamental human rights and exacerbates conditions for those already trapped in cycles of poverty and state violence. We call on governments and other powerful institutions to guarantee a livable and safe future by investing resources into universal public services and infrastructure to build resilience in all communities and for all people. We urge governments to ensure that global temperatures stay below 1.5°C of warming and ensure climate action is immediate and transparent." - Fridays for Future - Toronto

For a full list of Actions that ClimateFast will be taking, visit: https://climatefast.ca/livable-futures-all-actions

On September 22, ClimateFast will be:

Co-Sponsoring a live webcast with the Africa Climate Action Initiative on soil, titled "Our Common Ground" at Noon. Sign up for the Webcast here.
Visiting MP Offices to deliver letters, and take photos to share on Social Media. 
Presenting MPPs with a Petition
Creating and Releasing a Series of Videos from the Public on what a Livable Future for All means to them. 

Statement of Solidarity with Anti-Racism

ClimateFast stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all those fighting against systemic racism and police brutality in North America and around the world.  We understand that there can be no climate justice without racial justice.

Leaders of the anti-racism movement are asking us to think about what a truly Just Recovery would look like.  We know that the Covid-19 crisis, like the climate crisis, disproportionately impacts racialized and Indigenous peoples.  We know that racialized and Indigenous peoples suffer disproportionately from poverty.  The reasons for this must be recognized and addressed.  In order to achieve a Just Recovery for all, we must commit ourselves to the work of dismantling white supremacy – in ourselves, in our organization, and in our society.

Action Links

Support Black Lives Matter Toronto and other organizations that serve Black people in your community
Listen to Pam Palmater’s Podcast with Desmond Cole on Anti-Black Racism in Canada & US 
Read this critical op-ed by Sandy Hudson on why "Defunding the police will save Black and Indigenous lives in Canada"
Learn more about how you can join Just Recovery teach-ins to begin having this conversation in your communities.

Kitchen Table Climate Conversations

Following the federal election, there continues to be Kitchen Table Climate Conversations that will allow people all across Ontario to speak with friends and neighbours about the climate crisis... Click here for Tooklit


Toronto Climate Film Festival (TCFF)

Toronto Climate Film Festival is showing a number of environmental films Learn more


Municipal Climate Action - CarbonFreeTO

In 2018, Council voted unanimously to support TransformTO... Learn more


Provincial Climate action Peoples' Climate Plan for Ontario

We need a REAL peoples climate plan for Ontario to respond to the climate crisis... Learn more



Climatefast launched its new campaign VOCAL - Voices of Ontarians for Climate Accountability and Leadership and one its first actions is to fight Bill 4, the repeal of Cap and Trade, which jeopardizes TransformTO... Learn more