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JUST 4 DAYS TO OCTOBER 24TH!! LET’S MAKE THIS  A CLIMATE ELECTION!  Find your climate candidate and be sure to vote.  Help bring out the vote!  Scroll down for links and resources on the municipal election.


Municipal elections are being held across Ontario on October 24, 2022. Think about the kind of community you want to live in and learn which candidate best represents your views. 

ClimateFast is one of several organizations that have developed tools and resources to help you find a candidate that will be a climate action champion. We have prepared a list of questions that can be put to candidates via phone or email, at debates, or on social media; these questions were devised with Toronto in mind, but many can be applied to other municipalities as well.
ClimateFast is a member of the Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign (OCEC), which held a press conference on Wednesday Oct. 19th in the Queen’s Park media gallery. The event featured speakers on each of the four points of OCEC’s Municipal Climate Action Plan. ClimateFast Co-Chair Lyn Adamson closed the conference with a call for ALL of us to do everything we can in the next five days to elect climate champions to municipal government. The recording link can be found in the resources section below.

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