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ClimateFast members push for change in Toronto’s budget

ClimateFast has a long history of supporting climate action in the City of Toronto, through budget deputation trainings and other actions that play an important role in securing Council’s support for the TransformTO-Net Zero Strategy. This year, we worked with the Toronto Climate Action Network (TCAN) to host a training session on the budget process and on how members of the public can voice their opinions. Many ClimateFast members shared their own deputations, both in writing and in person. Written comments can still be sent to the budget committee at by Jan 23rd.  Copy the Mayor (  and your councillor ( and bcc 

After the deputations at City Hall, January 17th. From left to right: Lee Adamson, Councillor Chris Moise, Budget Committee Chair Councillor Gary Crawford, Dr. Jacob Pendergrast, Councillor Alejandra Bravo, Anne Keary, Sharon Bider, Lyn Adamson, Mary Blake Bonn, Jacinta McDonnell

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