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Acknowledge, Imagine, Collaborate

It is true, some of the most important subjects are the most difficult to talk about! Perhaps they cause anxiety, present challenges or require change. Often they pose very real threats and impact us and the world around us profoundly. They can feel overwhelming and out of control. This is true of the many interconnected crises we face. It is true right now, with COVID-19. It is true ongoing, with the climate crisis.

So, what can we do to face the challenges and create the change required? 

Talking about it is a good start! In fact, one of the most significant things we can do is to create a compassionate space for one another to share experiences, feelings and explore ideas.

With Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCCs), we suggest that you reach out and gather people  round your virtual table for an open but structured conversation about climate justice.

In this circle of conversational openness, after we've acknowledged the impacts and challenges we face and the vital need for climate justice, we can spend some time expressing ourselves, fostering connection, empowering and inspiring each other. We can imagine a better future, explore solutions and prepare to move into action. 

About the KTCC - Conversational Context

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KTCC - Conversational Context

Host or Facilitate!

The Kitchen Table Climate Conversational model depends on hosts and facilitators. As a host, you’d reach out and invite your existing contacts or foster new connections! As a facilitator you’d plan and run a conversation. There are three tiers of potential involvement.

  1. Do-it-yourself - host, facilitate. We have training, resources and coaching available.
  2. Host with Help - request to be matched with a co-facilitator or tech support.
  3. Host Only - with both a facilitator and tech support.

Facilitators can try breakouts, lead a brainstorm or explore a specific change with the group.

The KTCC Toolkit provides resources that can be tailored for different conversations, including video clips, links and visuals. It houses facilitation tips and suggested agenda topics.

Technical Know-How

Explore more about the Technical Aspect of holding a zoom conversation including....

  • How to Set up a Zoom Conversation
  • Screen sharing, Video Sharing
  • How to Run an Interactive Zoom Session
  • Polls, Surveys, Breakouts
  • Managing Chat

Find videos, slides and more on the Technical Nuts and Bolts page.

KTCC’s help raise awareness about the climate emergency and how it is interconnected with the many crises we face. They centre the need to confront these crises in a just and urgent manner. More than ever, we need to question the status-quo, probe into what isn’t working, think outside the box and ask for more. KTCC attendees have the opportunity to explore ideas together, imagining the best world going forward. 

The conversation can help galvanize people to take on personal and political change to turn the emergency around. We need everyone’s experience, skills, vision and approach to do this and create a livable future for all. We need everyone.

After a KTCC, attendees are ready to collaborate! Together, we can summon our collective energy to move into uncertainty, to embrace and encourage change and be there to support each other through it.

In so many ways we need courage and in so many ways we are showing that we have it! Collectively we have the strength to make positive change and talking about it can be the first step.