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The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 21st at midnight.

Because the government passed the Climate Accountability Act last June they now have a responsibility to bring out a climate plan by March 29th this year, and they are consulting with the public in advance of writing up the plan.

This is our chance to have a say!

If thousands of Canadians send in comments we'll have a chance to convey how seriously we want to see climate action, and what kind of actions matter most to us.

On Monday. January 11th ClimateFast hosted a webcast with Climate Messengers of Canada to inform people about the consultation and guide them through the questions. Our speakers included Colleen Lynch of ClimateFast and Toronto 350 and Tam Miere of Climate Messengers. 

View Colleen’s slides: Federal Climate Plans - Comment Period Opportunity

View Tam Miere's slides: Working with the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act

There are additional links below for you to find the support you need to submit your comments. 

Climate Messengers’ Consultation Toolkit makes it very easy to fill out the consultation form.

LeadNow has created an online letter which is very handy. You can modify or add to emphasize your concerns and suggestions for gov't action.

You can also go straight to the Government consultation formYou can start, and save and go back again if you want to think about your answers. We also suggest that you save  your answers and send them to your MP.

Numbers matter and the more of us who speak up the better.

If we are to see real climate action in the term of this government then the crucial moment is now as this plan will guide their actions - and their budgets - for this session.