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Wow, what an exciting day!  We had visits from Elizabeth May of the Green Party who is joining us in  the Fast for five days.  Along with her came media, CBC and Global so this story may just make the national news tonight, so please listen.

We also had a visit from Kirsty Duncan, the Liberal MP who is the climate critic and a member of the All Party Climate Caucus.  She is very devoted to this issue and pledged to bring out some of the other Liberal MPs.  We are also hoping to see more NDP MPs through the week, either on the Hill or by meeting with them.

Sierra Club youth came by and held the banners for a time, and were some of the first signers on the petitions that we are circulating, these ones were requested by Citizens Climate Lobby and cover several aspects of the climate issue – food, economics, severe weather, and Canada’s responsibilities globally.  Every time 25 people sign a petition it can be read in the House of Commons so is a great education and organizing practice.  If you can get signatures in your community, workplace, or faith group, please let us know.

Paul Beckwith, a climate scientist at University of Ottawa came by and gave us a mini-seminar on the melting Arctic.  He will be speaking at our Oct 1st forum.

Now we are heading off for our first forum, this one is on Protecting the Earth with Raven Courtney and the film SPOIL on the Great Bear Rainforest.

All the best friends, please keep reaching out.  Our pledges are over 120 now and we really want to get to 1000 over the next 8 days, so spread the word!   It’s probably good to say that it just takes a few minutes to copy and paste the model letter, add a few words of your own, and send.

All the best!

Lyn (still energized on day 5!)