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The international Fast for the Climate shares the following news:

As September 1st approaches, we extend warm greetings to you, and look forward to coming together again to fast and stand in solidarity with those most vulnerable to dangerous climate impacts. More and more individuals and organisations are joining the movement by signing up at

Here is what Fourth-Grade Filip Zembowicz from Carolina, USA had to say about why he wanted to join Fast for the Climate:


How can you support this on September 1st?

Although fasting is a personal act, please do think of ways of sharing the significance of what you are doing far and wide. You can speak to your friends and family about signing-up/joining, as well as reaching out to community or even national leaders and the media asking them to support climate victims too. If people cannot abstain from food, they can support the cause by reducing their carbon pollution for the day.

You can also raise your voice on social media by following and retweeting us on Twitter or liking the Facebook page. You can share your pictures and messages of fasting day on here too – just remember to use the hashtag #fastfortheclimate .

Carbon fasting

Some of our followers have told us that this September 1st they will be fasting from carbon consumption and production. Fasters will try to heavily reduce or go without the carbon-based fuels that are depended on daily by mankind, often without thought. They aim to highlight that we can all take small steps for a more sustainable world. If you want more information or are thinking of approaching your own fast in this way, please find some tips here and . We are from different parts of the world but our choices to buy only local food, consume less meat, bike or walk to our destinations – all make a difference at the global level.

Exciting things are afoot for the Fast for the Climate movement:

September 21 has been earmarked as a Global Day of Action with events planned all over the world in which you can participate. We will be supporting an additional fast day on the 21st September to mark this huge event – so please join in solidarity with your fellow fasters on this special global day.

Some fasters have confirmed they will be proudly flying the Fast for the Climate banner at their local march. Other fasters will write letters to newspaper editors asking their governments to commit to a global agreement to tackle climate change and produce local action plans transitioning away from fossil fuels towards community-based renewable power.

Also on September 21, a group of fasters and supporters will be gathering at lunchtime in New York for a vigil on the outskirts of the Inter-Faith Summit. We will be sharing updates on the Facebook page to avoid sending more emails. Please do connect with other fasters on social media to inspire each other and join local actions where you can.

In peace and solidarity,

Emily, Caroline and Ashwini on behalf of The Working Group on Fast for the Climate