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"I care deeply about climate change. If I didn't I would not pledge to fast on Sunday September 30th since fasting is the hardest thing on earth for me to do. I know because I've fasted previously after being arrested for ""incomoding"" (or blocking) the gates to the White House because of the USA's saturation bombing of civilians in Cambodia. Perhaps, now that I'm 69 and no longer menstruating I will manage fasting better. But then I recall so well becoming dizzy and weak and trying to still work. . . . The strength of my commitment to say to the whole world that climate change matters to all of us--the homeowner in Richmond (that is below current sea-levels), the asthmatic that struggles with respiratory allergies for more months of the year, the people of Barrow, Alaska (where I previously worked as a physician) on the coast that is seeing homes tilt into the ocean, and the schools and stores and homes gradually destroyed as their foundation in permafrost melts, or those in Newfoundland hit by more hurricanes as major storms increase. I am also personally concerned as a grandmother and mother for the earth my granddaughters and children will be forced to live in. As a physician I'm deeply troubled about the health consequences of climate change, as a lover of wilderness I'm profoundly disturbed as species become extinct or oil spills destroy the pristine wilderness of Afognak Island that I loved as a young person. Like you, I've been ""doing all I can"" personally to limit energy consumption--I drive our car only once a week to Bach Choir rehearsal, I have worked to make my home more energy efficient, to avoid packaging that is using oil-based plastics, and I embarrass my friends and family by collecting trash and recyclables as we walk in neighborhoods to two and from work in Vancouver. I sign petitions, write letters, put up a solar panel, grow vegetables. . .but it is not helping or not enough. As a Quaker I feel responsible to speak truth to power. Too much of our economy and taxpayer's money is supporting the raping of our land and water and air for more carbon-emitting fuels. It is not fair because it hurts all of us and benefits only a few who are already rich and powerful. We must withdraw from our addiction (yes, it is very like addiction to heroin or nicotine) to cheap oil and natural gas and convenient plastics. And we must stop endangering what is most precious to the whole world--air, water, predictable weather and a habitable earth. I feel I must act speak for those who can't or who aren't aware of the changes I have seen in my lifetime--we used to skate on frozen Little Shuswap Lake at Christmas--today it never freezes. I will fast in solidarity with Lyn because I want to put myself personally on the line. And show the world how deeply I care and that our everyday cannot go on as usual in the face of what threatens all of us and all we know--climate change. Jerilynn"

"Fully support this initiative!"

"Thank you for taking a leadership role and helping to raise awareness of the far reaching and devastating effects of climate change. You are right it is humanity's biggest challenge to survival of ourselves, our children and the many other species of life who depend on the delicate balance of our shared planet."

"I am so proud of all my friends at Hungry for Climate Justice, and wish I could be there with you. Praying for continued strength in your resolve! Although we cannot be with you in person, we are with you action and in spirit! Keep the Faith! Angela (fasting in Toronto). "

"This is something we all can do. "

"thank you for taking this important action."

"Good luck out there!"

"For our kids...."

"Your efforts are very inspiring, best wishes to you."

"This action demonstrates personal responsibility – and calls on our political leaders to help us take responsibility as Canadians together - to meet the defining moral challenge of our generation."

"I would like to thank you for sticking up for our planet. This is the greatest and most important cause of our time."

"The minute I skip a meal I get a cold! I am prone to being pretty under weight so I am with you in spirit!"

"Wish I could fast in solidarity, but hypoglycemia makes it impossible. Will spread the word though."

"I suggest that a video be made, if possible, to amplify this critical message,on u-tube, for example. "

"I am glad to think my MP, Olivia Chow, is also likely to be a supporter of this initiative, but I shall certainly write to her, as well as forwarding this to others."

"I am part of a group that is doing advocacy on this issue. I and others will be writing letters to various politicians this winter. However, I will be away for the duration of the fast. We will do this in November and December."

"You have my support and I appreciate all of your efforts."

"I'll help with the publicity..."

"Sorry, I am 69 years old and don't feel ready for even a one day fast for personal health reasons. However, I am a very good letter writer and I can ask others to fast in support."

"This is the most important thing you could be doing. Thank you."

"I'd like to fast for more, but this is a good start. "

"I have sent a letter to my MP . Have you seen a copy? Eric Schiller"

"The Canadian Government needs to change their aggressive motivations for supporting economic development operations that significantly impact climate change. The cost for future generations are going to be huge. "

"I wholeheartedly support the work you are doing to draw attention to this fundamental, critical issue. Time is of the essence. Thank you. "

"thank you"

"I pledge to write several letters in support of the fast."

"Some people get disheartened ... but when we see how many of us care... we realize that we are not alone. "

"Thanks for your strong intentional inspiration and taking this stand. You are bringing attention to one of the most important international crimes, Canada completely ignoring the climate change crisis, as well as creating and supporting the Tar Sands on Canadian soil, one of the most devastating projects going on, on earth today. ~~S_H_A_M_E~~"

"All of us pushing together will make the mountain move."

"The courage and commitment of those fasting is extraordinary. Your are real heroes."

"There are two great issues upon which the life of the planet depends and upon which our ""civilization"" depends. Can we come together to stop the rape of the planet and restore the eco-system - or not? Can we live equitably and respectfully with each other and with the other life forms of our planet - or not? These are related issues. while ""the future"" depends upon how we answer these challenges, it is increasingly clear, that ""the present"" depends upon our answers as well. I support this fast, but more, I support major changes in the system by which our ""economy"", our economic activity, is organized and I support major changes in how our political system is organized to better represent the Common and the Earth and to serve the wellbeing of the Common and Earth."

"Thank you!!"

" I have been in touch with my MP about this issue many times. She does not respond to my polite letters, but I do continue. I am unable to fast for health reasons. Bravo to you! "