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We set ourselves up on the walkway between the flame and the Parliament buildings at 9 am, raising our banner ‘Hungry for Climate Leadership’ on one side and ‘Hungry for Climate Justice’ on the other side.

We opened the day with smudge by Raven Courtney and Sylvia Grady.

Our  first visitors were from Citizens for Public Justice, one of our endorsing organizations.  It was a long wet day capped with a visit from Frances Deverell, of Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice who is joining us on the fast, and is not driving her car for the twelve days.  We discussed the need  for awareness of our own footprint and of taking steps to reduce our impact.  We received a letter from a supporter asking everyone to consider the impact of eating meat – a vegetarian diet is much lower impact on the earth.

At our evening candlelight vigil we were joined by a number of Ottawa residents who helped to hold our banner.  We shared our concerns and sang.  Local CBC filmed our event.

Now we are heading into another day of rain!  And a walk to Victoria Island, for some of us, with the All Nations Walk, which is part of the Ottawa Peace Festival.

Thank you all for taking the pledge and joining us in action.  Please help us to spread the word!