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After our second day of fasting we are in good spirits and feeling well. I am feeling hungry – but not half as hungry for food as I am for action on the threat of climate catastrophe. I feel determined to stay here and fast for another ten days as my personal expression of concern and sadness for our lack of action to date – and as a statement of my faith that Canadians can and will respond. We must!

We started out in the rain again yesterday, but it was not as heavy as on the first day. We set up on the Hill and then were joined by walkers from the All Nations Walk for Peace organized as part of Peace Week here in Ottawa. Some of our fasters walked to Victoria Island to meet with indigenous leaders. I postered the area where our talks will be held and then copied materials in French – lots of francophone tour groups come across the Hill. Later in the day our spirits were buoyed when the sun came out and started to warm us up. Our magnificent sun!

We held a sharing circle at 5 pm, sharing our appreciations of each other. We were joined by three young people who have become interested in what we are doing, so we were a circle of ten.

A circle of ten, with the interests of all the world’s people in mind as we gathered.

We held a moment of quiet together, and smudged to close our day.

We have the support of 32 organizations but only 86 pledges so far. Please help us to change that. Reach out now!

If you have friends in Ottawa let them know about our events.

Lyn Adamson, for the Climate Fast (416-731-6605)