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Dear friends,

Thanks so much for your fabulous support, our numbers are growing.  Today the NDP pledged support with Megan Leslie signing our large sized pledge board next to our banner.  Olivia Chow signed and we know more NDP members will come now that Megan has signed on.  Yesterday Alexandre Boulerice NDP MP from Montreal came by with juice for the fasters.  Yesterday we welcomed Audrey Redman and today Sharon Howarth joined our fast here on Parliament Hill.  Yesterday Physicians for Global Survival Executive Director Dale Dewar came by to lend her support and check on how we’re all doing.  What inspired me most yesterday was Megan Leslie’s impassioned call for an emergency debate on climate change in the House.  It was rejected.


Some people think the Conservatives are hopeless and the NDP are already onside, so why write them?  First of all the NDP need to know we support carbon pricing and that we want them to go even further than they have already.  Cap and trade may not be enough.  Every day they are being hammered in the legislature by Harper and the other Conservative MPs for their “job killing carbon tax” (cap and trade).  We need to let them know they are on the right track; carbon pricing is a job CREATOR not a job-killer.

Yesterday we met Daniella from Denmark working in Elizabeth May’s office, and she explained that cap and trade has benefited business by pushing them to be innovative and giving them something they can sell (carbon credits).  The cap must keep being pushed down for change to be meaningful, but it is going in the right direction.

If your MP is Conservative it is doubly important that you write.  Harper may not be affected by your letters but MPs who got into government by small margins will be concerned about their re-election and it’s important they know what you think.  Michael Chong (MP Conservative) is on the All Party Climate Caucus and he knows what we are facing.  Not all Conservatives are climate deniers.  So do write and let them know your concerns. Let them know it is an emergency and we DO need a debate in the House.

The Liberals’ Kirsty Duncan (MP from Etobicoke) is 100% on board with us however not all Liberals may know how much their constituents care about this issue.  Make sure they find out.  Encourage them to get out and sign our pledge publicly.

AND PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  So far we have 149 signatures on-line.  We need to multiply that number.  And if people sent their letter without the on-line pledge, please send us a copy at so we can count them.

It is wonderful to have the support of great organizations like the Council of Canadians.  They have opened up their office to us, we can work here, make photocopies, use the phone – and they even gave us Maude’s office to work in!  Her signature is #146 on-line.  Please invite everyone you know to sign along with Maude and all the other signatories.  It’s all of our voices that must be heard.

Lyn Adamson

For the Climate Fast