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Many of those who pledged added remarks to their submissions.

"I have fasted before and will look over your guidelines and do the best I can.  "

"Thanks for taking leadership on this issue..."

"Thanks for what you're doing!"

"It's important to experience this hunger now, in solidarity with people already short of nutritious food, as well as a hungry future for our descendants."

"Thank you to all for this witness. I share your sense of urgency."

"Congratulations on a wonderful initiative! We will certainly and heartily join in!"

"Necessary to see the connections between climate and economics. "

"Thanks for all you are doing!!!"

"Thanks for your leadership on this all-important issue."

"thanks for taking the initiatives for the great cause!"

"Let's prevent unnecessary untold suffering by address the issue of our times, our addiction to fossil fuels and runaway global warming. The climate crisis is hear and now. The storms are more potent, the droughts more frequent and the record breaking temperatures are happening world wide. We need to take back the commons, conserve energy and plan for a renewable energy and economy future before it is to late."

"Thank you for doing this!"

"Thank you for this call to fast. "

"Many others will be with you in spirit. Thanks for acting!"

"Thank you to those fasting on Parliament Hill: for your courage and your commitment."

"Just like advanced voting in a general election,I would like to fast today Sep.19/12"

"Personally, I have health challenges that prevent a full fast.  My pledge is for that 12-day period I will not drive a car or drink alcohol, and I will limit myself to two small meals a day that do not include sweets.   I will also send a letter to my MP, to my MPP, and to my local city councilor, and a letter to the editor.  I will also send a letter to Suncor and to Enbridge.  Even if you can’t fast at all, you can choose this time to put pressure on our leaders.  Let them know what you want for our future.  Let them know what you expect of them. My letter follows:

Dear leaders of the world;

We live in a time of great risk.  Climate change is already causing more and more catastrophic weather events.  Conventional sources of energy like oil and coal and nuclear power are becoming more and more expensive and more and more damaging to world ecosystems.  World economic distress is a symptom of these problems.  Unless we seriously address the fact that we cannot grow our economies forever, this distress will become worse.  If our children and grandchildren are to have a chance at a quality of life we need real leadership from you and we need it now.

Instead of desperately searching for more oil and coal and uranium at any cost, we need to direct our attention and our resources toward building an economy on renewable energy.  We must slow the use of oil and coal and preserve reserves in the ground for future generations.  We must set up social systems that will cushion the blow as our economies slow down.  We already see peaceful protests and violence and chaos in the streets around the world including our own country.  This trend will only get worse unless we do a better job of addressing the realities in front of us.

We need your best, most creative leadership now to address these issues.  Help the people of the world accept that we must learn to use less energy, not more.  We must learn to live with less stuff, not more.  We must find our happiness through good family life and healthy communities where we respect and care for one another in a setting of relative equality.  Learn to build an economy on health care, education, and care for environment, instead of putting your faith in greed and war.

Rev. Frances Deverell"

"I am an experienced faster.  I participated with Fasting For Our Future, Climate Justice Fast, and Fast for the Earth.  I will also pass the word along to the others."

"I support your efforts."

"Thank-you for your leadership and inspiration. I am honoured to join you all in showing our deep concern for what is happening to Canada's environmental policies. We can make a change together."

"Thank you so much for your initiative."

"Thank you and keep up the good work! Lots of love, Michael"

"For my son."

"Thank you for taking this action to spur the Harper Government to action"

"Simply Inspiring. Thank you so much for this."

"This is not such a big request; to shift financial subsidies from Big Oil to Canadian Citizens who will support renewable energy, and using carbon tax revenues to bring to Canadians, the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy production."

"You are good people, inspiring, and courageous to speak your truth out loud. Thank you! Can you imagine the dynamic and exciting change we'd experience if MPs and people in the fossil fuel industry heard and acted proactively to the message that if we dig up and use even 20% of the remaining fossil fuels we will overheat the planet? And thank you Earth for your beauty and sustenance."

"Good Luck Boro chacha!"

"you may not be able to hear it from there but I am standing and applauding you all and your spirit from this small apartment as I get the news"

"Thanks to everyone organizing, joining and supporting."

"Congratulations to those fasting to bring attention to Canada's failure to address climate change.  Canada is becoming one of the world's top climate criminals.  It is up to Canadian citizens to stop our government from brutalizing the earth and adding to climate change."

"Also pledge to expose role of military: NATO addressing climate security, military GHG emissions, destruction of carbon sinks. And pledge to expose the urgency of stopping the market causes and solutions to climate change."

"If I was feeling better and didn't have so much work, I'd be fasting with you.  Thanks for doing this"