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My name is Sharon Howarth and I have two young adult daughters.  For the first time in my life, I fasted for nearly 7 days. I can’t believe I did that.

Being with a group of dedicated, courageous neighbours, working on the critical issue of climate change and asking our government for a solution, gave me the focus and strength I needed to see the fast through.

I strongly believe in and have fun outreaching to the public, so my contribution was to distribute handouts where the crowds were.   These busy areas included the Rideau Centre, the Byward Market and the business district. With an outstretched hand, I would call out, "Climate Change Solution". When people took the handout, I would then say, "There is a letter on the website with a link to your MP".

In the days I was in Ottawa, I gave out hundreds, and  hundreds,  and hundreds, and hundreds of handouts. This proved to me, once again, that we are all concerned about climate change and just want a solution. A perfect step is to write to one's MP and the website made that very easy.

The result of my fast and action is that I feel exhilarated,  encouraged and extremely hopeful. I would do this again but, next time, for longer.

Yes, many people passed me by and were reticent to look at me but I too have had my difficult days, unable to absorb another issue.  Still, these people all  heard what I had to say. Even though they did not take the handout, I firmly believe that sometime in their day or in the following weeks and months, many will reflect on the woman standing on the street who was speaking up about a solution to climate change. It is my strong belief that this will influence them to act at some point and this keeps me motivated.