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TODAY IS SEPTEMBER 11TH. It is now 11 years since the collapse of the world trade centre in NYC and the death of thousands. That tragedy was used to justify so much war and suffering since then.  The deaths of hundreds of thousands in war and trillions of dollars in military expenditures and at the same time our governments have  cut back foreign aid, domestic programs, and environmental protection.  Yet we know that war is not the way to build a secure future.  We need instead to build global community and address the real crises that face humanity.

Our response to tragedy must change.  We need a new approach.  The single most urgent threat facing our planet and our future is the failure to stop carbon emissions and transition to a sustainable energy path.  Peace and Ecology are interlinked.  A friend, Paulette Meier, has written a song called ‘Peace Is’  - “Peace is taking care of ourselves, each other and the earth’. It is a path of compassion, courage, and caring for each other. I know we have the capacity to change, to put ourselves and our communities on a new path, to build a future that will sustain thriving communities and ecosystems on the planet.  But we must act to make this happen.

Right now I am preparing for my part in the twelve days of fasting in Ottawa, starting on September 21st, the International Day of Peace.  We will start with a candlelight vigil at 7:30 pm on Parliament Hill.  We will also join with the Ottawa Peace Festival in their program of events, starting earlier on the 21st and going through to October 2nd, the International Day of Nonviolence. We invite you to join us.  In Ottawa or in your own home or community. Light a candle on Sept 21st. Take an action for peace. Show a film and talk about the climate crisis. Write a letter to your MP. Fast for a day, anytime between Sept 21 and Oct 2nd, Gandhi's birthday.

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