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1.    Request the Meeting 
Your email to your councillor might go something like this:


Dear Councillor ____


I am a constituent of yours and I’m writing to request a meeting to discuss a motion that will be coming to City Council in July, on the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.


This is a global initiative aimed at stopping the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and planning the phaseout of existing fossil fuel infrastructure.


You can learn more about the Treaty initiative here: or by watching this short interview (5 min) of Tzeporah Berman speaking on the treaty initiative.


In Toronto we held a launch event on Monday, June 14th. The presentations are recorded here.


This is an important campaign because being 80% reliant on fossil fuels for energy is not sustainable. Emissions are causing global temperature rise that can lead to a catastrophic future.   We need to end our dependence on fossil fuels.  This new research paper, Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy, outlines how we can end dependence on fossil fuels without relying on dangerous or unproven technologies, but based on proven technologies already in use.


We believe Toronto’s leadership is needed in this global campaign. We would like to build momentum toward a federal government leadership in this global.   Vancouver endorsed the initiative in October 2020.

Can you let us know when it would be possible to meet with you?  We would like to have a meeting before the vote at Council on July 14 or 15.



(Your name and address)

2.    Call the Office
In some cases follow up is needed to get a response to your letter.  So wait a few days then call the office and/or send a follow up email and then call the office.


Let the staff person know that the vote will be coming up July 15.


The Councillors’ email addresses, phone numbers and twitter handles are on the page - click on the photo on the right-hand side for ‘City Council Contact Information’. 


Find your councillor according to your postal code here.

3.    Set Up a Meeting
Review the information that we provided in the action letter and related resources that can be found at this webpage:


Invite someone from our core group to attend with you; we’d be glad to be there to answer any questions and may be able to invite a person from the campaign to join the meeting by zoom.