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October 1, 2012
Dear Member of Parliament
We urge your support for the fast and vigil for Climate Justice that is happening on Parliament Hill from Sept 21 to Oct 2.
Its purpose is to demand that the Government of Canada address climate change. In particular the fasters are demanding that the government:
1.       Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
2.       Put a price on carbon
3.       Develop an energy plan for Canada that emphasizes conservation and renewable energy
Physicians for Global Survival strongly endorses the vigil!
As physicians, we are extremely concerned about the negative human health impacts that are already resulting from climate change.
Climate change is causing human illness, injuries and death from increased famine, heat waves, droughts, floods, extreme weather, increases in disease vectors etc.
We are also concerned about the toll that will result from the increased conflicts caused by individuals and governments desperately attempting to respond to a more hostile environment caused by climate change.
As physicians, we are motivated to prevent the illnesses, injuries, deaths and conflicts that would result from Climate Change – and thus we urge we you to do all you can in your role as Member of Parliament to ensure that the Government of Canada responds to the requests of these fasters.
Thank you.
Dale Dewar
Executive Director
Physicians for Global Survival
P.S. PGS’s mandate states that “Through our examination of the connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, we are concerned about global energy sustainability and climate change issues as they relate to public health.  We work for the phasing out of nuclear power, while supporting efforts toward energy conservation and the development of safer and more sustainable energy alternatives.
We recognize the relationship between the problem of climate change, natural resources and energy scarcity, and the prevention of war. In seeking solutions for these problems, PGS is guided by its dedication to the principles of optimal human health, ecological sustainability and social justice, and avoiding solutions that worsen the risk of war, especially nuclear war.”
Andrea Levy
Administrative Officer
Physicians for Global Survival
208-145 Spruce St, Ottawa, ON  K1R 6P1