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"Earth Overshoot Day webcast"
Climate Solutions: An Interactive Simulation Workshop
Presented by Doug Pritchard; Hosted by ClimateFast

ClimateFast broadcasted a Climate Solutions Workshop on Thursday, August 20th at 7 pm. This event is an En-ROADS simulation and was facilitated by Doug Pritchard, who is an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador. It was held on Zoom for 1 hour and 40 minutes and it was an interactive workshop where up to 75 participants will learned to use En-ROADS, a policy simulation model that allows users to explore different climate solutions and their impacts on temperature change.

Doug Pritchard hosted the event. Doug has a PhD in chemical engineering from Queen’s University and worked for many years in the petrochemical industry. He then worked in international human rights as Co-Director of Christian Peacemaker Teams, and now is Coordinator of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Toronto East chapter. Thank you to Doug for participating and acting as a host and guide for the simulation.

En-ROADS is a simulation which allows users to both examine different climate policies, to gain a greater understanding of how these policies affect climate change, as well as compare current status quo policies with more ambitious ones. In a group workshop setting, such as our event, it is meant to help participants learn about climate solutions. It is a popular simulation, with over 27 000 participants worldwide in 65 countries having already used it. 

You can watch the recorded version of the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Workshop here: 

If you would like to learn more about the En-ROADS simulation, please check out this short video: and also their website: