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Dear MP,

I am writing you in support of the ClimateFasters who are on a Fast and Vigil on Parliament Hill between September 29th and October 2nd. I would really appreciate if you would take the time to stop and talk with them. I am asking you to sign the MP Pledge either on the Hill or at

I am ashamed that the international community sees Canada as a dinosaur who is negligent in its responsibilities to itself and to the rest of the world. I’m ashamed that we are seen as slackers, avoiding the absolutely necessary actions that must be taken if we are to avoid human-caused catastrophic climate change.

Our cities and provinces are stepping up to the plate, doing what they can to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. We can do better if the Federal Government provides appropriate standards and support. I believe this includes:

1. No more subsidies to fossil fuel companies
2. A price of some kind on carbon
3. A national plan for a transition to renewable energy

Will you work towards these goals? Can you tell me what actions your party proposes to meet ambitious targets such as Britain has proposed – to reduce our emissions by between 34 and 74% of 1990 levels? Can you tell me what your party proposes to do about a $34 billion a year subsidy to fossil fuel companies (according to an IMF report)? Will you sign the politicians' pledge at

Put your closing and signature here. Hand written letters are given more notice.

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