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Well here we are day 4 fasting and maintaining a presence on Parliament Hill. Getting the word out is somewhat challenging.

We have some photographs to upload and once the equipment is charged up we'll get them uploaded.

There is an MP from New Zealand here today and we are looking forward to linking up with him and learning more about New Zealand's initiatives around climate change and what they have planned.

There was a busy crowd out here this morning - taking pictures, enjoying the sunshine and asking us what we are doing. Truly starting to get the feel for the 'internationality' aspect of protesting on the Hill.

French translations for our outreach material were a bit slow coming because we needed a person literate in both spoken and written. Now that is sorted out we are wrapping it up with a translation of our sample letter intended for Mp's. Anybody?

Ecology Ottawa has been by a few time and a great help. Just when your morale starts to flag from lack of food and from standing most of the day, along comes a group like EO and instantly you feel refreshed and ready to go again. Big thanks to everyone who is providing these morale boosters. There are two Ottawaians who have been going back and forth on bicycles carrying poles and other assorted tools for protesting. That is not even mentioning Ken of ActCity Ottawa who has been a gem - carting heavy stuff on his adapted bike, billeting for our out of town campaigners, media, etc. he's been there - huge thanks. Also - just have to say a few words about us - those of us who are on Parliament Hill doing the daily campaigning. We are feeling up today - the sun is shining, the Hill is bzzing and the RCMP are friendly (always a plus). We don't feel hungry anymore and the odd craving is easily remedied by a quick walk down to Bridgehead's coffee shop for a hot water or tea.

That's it for now - please please spread the word and get people to check out our website and write a short letter to their MP. All the resources are on the webpage, including the events we have planned in Ottawa this week in conjunction with the 12 day long peace festival happening here as well between September 21st and Oct 2nd. Movies, speakers and high profile green/environment people.

As a footnote, Elizabeth May has pledged to fast this week and may come and speak at one of our evening events. Check out our pledges too - some well known activists and singers.