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Hungry for Climate Justice

ClimateFast returns to Parliament Hill, Sept. 21-Oct.2, 2013
​After a year of record-breaking temperatures, devastating natural disasters and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, a group of dedicated climate activists, are returning for the second year, to a Fast and Vigil on Parliament Hill.  
Frustrated by our Government’s unwillingness to address the causes of global warming and human-induced climate change, and Canada’s complicity in this crisis, the Fasters will once again raise the Banner:  “Hungry for Climate Leadership” “Hungry for Climate Justice”, to draw attention to the lack of action by our Federal Government on this critical issue.  Their protest is a peaceful one, and begins on the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, 7:00 PM for an Opening Circle and Vigil with representatives from First Nation to kick off the Opening ceremonies.  Check their website daily for news updates and events throughout the 12 days until Closing Circle featuring "Just Voices" on Oct. 2nd, 7:00 PM.
Their aim is to inspire citizens and urge decision makers to find the courage, wisdom and determination to put into action, the urgent measures needed to assure a safe climate for our children and grandchildren.  Climate Change is also defined as a justice issue, as the effects of the climate change will be unleashed on future generations, and on nations who have the least responsibility for causing global warming. They are appealing to Parliamentarians to make climate change a priority when they return to fall session and to take the following measures to begin to tackle the problem:  
  1. End fossil fuel subsidies (as promised at the 2009 G-20 Summit);
  2. ​Put a price on carbon;
  3. Support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada.  
Buoyed by the success of last year’s campaign which gained pledges from many Canadians, 103 MPs and 13 Liberal Senators, and numerous endorsements by scientific, environmental, social justice and faith-based organizations. This year they will further engage Canadians coast-to-coast, to visit,  make a pledge to write letters to their MPs or local press to urge our Government to change policies contributing to this crisis. Those who wish may also join them in carbon fast or a food fast (see website for more information).