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Please go to the KTCC website for up to date information and resources for Kitchen Table Climate Conversations.

Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCCs) present a way we can create a dedicated space to share experiences, feelings and ideas about climate change. They begin with a host who invites others to come sit around their table and engage in a guided conversation. Virtual tables for now of course! Hosts can run the conversation themselves or work with a facilitator.KTCC

Monthly Support Meeting #2 is coming up on July 13th at 3pm. If you've been to a KTCC training before, please RSVP to ktcc[at] and send us any questions or ideas you'd like to discuss at the meeting by June 10th.

If you've never attended a KTCC training before, check out the website at and the Facebook group, or our Youtube channel, ClimateFast Action,. Then, drop us a line at ktcc[at] if you're interested in attending.


We can help you plan your conversation! Who will you invite? How will you to set it up? Do you need facilitation or tech support? Your KTCC team is here to help!