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Workshop Leaders Bios

Henry Wai - Nonviolent Communication™ process

Henry Wai provides trainings and facilitation to activist, community, co-op and social service groups and organizations. He draws upon the Nonviolent Communication™ process and other approaches for empowerment, co-operation and relationship building. 

Contact: henryhwai[at]

"Everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference"

"Our ability to be present to ourselves and others with empathy and clarity can make the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough.”


Vince Schutt, BS, MBA - Member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

Vince Schutt is a behaviour change specialist, and an experienced sustainability consultant, trainer, and facilitator. Vince is trained in MI and is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), a global network of MI practitioners researching, training and raising the bar on MI practice. He has conducted Climate Conversations™, an evidence-informed workshop, with over 1000 young people. Vince has also provided skills training workshops for hundreds of environmental educators and organizers in the United States and Canada. His areas of expertise include behaviour change science, human factors and sustainability, energy and waste, metrics and evaluation, and workshop design.

Contact: vinceschutt[at] and

Brianna Aspinall Nunez - Carbon Conversations Toronto

Brianna started the journey to bring Carbon Conversations to Toronto in 2017 and works as a Project Manager at Park People. She is most interested in supporting and facilitating moments where we can all find our way to contribute to making our communities better. In addition to leading the CCTO team Brianna has co-developed and facilitated the Climate Action Facilitator training other workshops that help individuals explore their own emotions, values, and motives to act on climate change.

Facebook: Carbon Conversations Toronto @CarbonConversationsTO

Facilitating Group Discussions

Join Brianna on Breakout room ‘Facilitating Group Discussion’ to start with the basics. Focusing on the role of a facilitator, how to facilitate group discussion, and explore common facilitator challenges. 

Who is CCTO? Carbon Conversations Toronto (CCTO) is a volunteer-led group founded to help individuals find hope in the climate crisis. Climate change can leave individuals feeling hopeless and unmotivated. CCTO helps people find the ability to take climate action. Learn more on our website or sign up for our newsletter.

What is Carbon Conversations TO? It is a facilitated series of group sessions where facilitators help you explore the relationship between your lifestyle and carbon emissions to help give you the clarity, tools and resources you need to develop your own approach to carbon reduction.

Featured Story: Turning Climate Grief into Climate Action: Brianna's Story
Learn how Brianna Aspinall, founder of Carbon Conversations TO, turned her feelings of climate anxiety and grief into meaningful environmental action.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by climate change and unable to process how you feel? Have you wanted to take action but not sure where to start or whether it’s worthwhile? Brianna Aspinall was feeling the same way, yet this year was awarded this year’s Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leader Award by Corporate Knights because she took those feelings and turned them into action. The program she created is called Carbon Conversations TO – this is her story.