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In March 2022, ClimateFast’s Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC) team held two webcasts designed to help people feel more confident talking climate ahead of the Ontario provincial election on June 2nd.

See the Links and Information Doc for ideas and resource links from the two webcasts.

Provincial KTCC Backgrounder

As we built the webcasts, we built a resource - The Provincial KTCC Backgrounder - to help people become more confident facilitating or hosting provincially focused Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCCs), talk about and raise awareness around climate justice.

Together, we can hold those elected to office on June 2nd accountable for the healthy, just and green province we want to see!

The Provincial KTCC Backgrounder is a “choose your own adventure” model – the suggestion is to find a point or points that resonate with you and who you’re planning to talk to and build a conversation around that. Or, simply use the information in any way that backs you and your conversations up!

We’ll follow-up with a series of blog posts to show the interconnections between climate, biodiversity and strong communities. These connections help create fluid entry points for conversations, articulating why we care about climate justice and why working together matters.

For now, in case you missed them, here’s a little more about the two webcasts and some of the resources from them.

Talking Climate in Ontario

At the first one, team members presented a high level introduction to the KTCC, a set of tips and motivational ideas for facilitating conversations. In the first breakout, we encouraged attendees to think about how to tell their own authentic story.

For the second half, we modelled what pieces of a provincial KTCC might hold and then facilitated breakouts where we considered what the groups we could invite around our table might care about, their shared values and potential entry points into conversations.

Recording of the event on February 16, 2022:

Remote video URL

Ready to Talk Climate in Ontario

For the second session we moved through the sections of the KTCC and modelled a little more of what provincially focussed KTCCS could look like. For some of the sections, we build on attendee input from the first webcast!

The breakout moved us through planning a conversation - who, how, what, why, when - and a role-play modelled some potentially tricky questions from those who might be around your table.

Recording of event from March 2nd, 2022:

Remote video URL

Also, hop on into the Links and Information Doc for more ideas and resource links.

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