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In the KTCC agenda, we suggest that you make some time for people to share and process emotions. An ideal place for this can be right after the "Science and Impacts" section. Or you could wait until after the Social Science of Change section. Not all participants may feel comfortable sharing, and that's okay too.

In the KTCC Toolkit, pg. 13 in the presenter slides, 19 in the facilitator resources, we've included the very simple exercise shared below. In some cases, this exercise could be done in small breakout groups.

Exercise: Coping with Feelings around Crisis

Sharing Questions: What are your feelings about the impacts of the climate crisis i.e. concerns, fears and hopes? What do you do to cope with your feelings or concerns?

Part 1. Start with quiet time of 1-2 min for personal reflection. Take note of your main feeling. Type into chat or read out to the group.

Part 2. Take a moment to think about what you do to cope with your feelings. Share some insights with the group - 1-2 points each.

Note: If you are in distress, please reach out to your health care providers. These exercises and suggestions are not a replacement for professional help.

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From August 2020 Facilitator Teach-in