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Letter I wrote to my MP:

It takes a few minutes, please everyone, ask your MP to take some positive action on climate change.

Hi Olivia,

Day 7 of our Fast and Vigil for Climate Justice/Leadership - It was good to see you in the House of Commons yesterday enjoying your work in Ottawa, and thank you for tweeting on us - ClimateFast -  and I write to you, my MP, to ask a few simple things:

Why is our elected government, seemingly deliberately, shutting down our environmental protections?  What is not critical about the starvation of millions, as changes to the climate and the carbon economy increasingly devastate entire countries? Where is the political will on this issue?  

What we are doing is trying to motivate people to write to their MP's. To raise awareness. To encourage our MP's to take action and create a sustainable plan for renewable energy - here in Canada. There seem to be fewer and fewer people able to set aside a small bit of time to do one small thing that would help get some of Canadian's more pressing concerns addressed - in our case climate change. Our little group, on average 7 of us on any given day, has come to Ottawa to do that. I am fasting for 12 days, maybe longer, to raise awareness, to help people understand the deep significance that climate change is having, and will continue to have on their lives, and the lives of their children. Collectively, we can improve the quality of all life on this earth. Our elected government seems to miss the point when they announce "that they value every life" and yet ignore the devastation caused by climate change all around themselves. We are here to protest the lack of positive action on climate change by our collective government and the stranglehold that a small few, but very powerful people, have on the rest of us. How can, and does, one of the richest countries in the world, Canada, allow this moral turpitude to continue?

I am mildly educated and a parent of two. I expect someday to be a grandmother. Today, as I sat up in the public gallery watching the antics of our elected officials, I felt a degree of anxiety that must be felt by thousands across Canada, across the globe. We watched the presentations in support a of motion that professes to value the sanctity of life, yet there we were asking for our government to pay a little attention to what the rest of humanity is saying, and the House deemed it a non emergency.  What I can't understand is why our government is spending time rearranging furniture on the deck when we have so much at stake.? We sat in vain it seems. (Four parliamentarians spoke up on the issue today but were overshadowed by a no brainer on abortion - one, never even got the chance.) Please see the link below for some clear science on the subject.


I am asking - could you please raise this issue in the House with our elected politicians, make a motion, or reintroduce past motions on the subject