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Please also cc the Premier


Dear MPP (last name),

I am appalled at the loss of the province’s cap and trade program which has generated revenue for extremely important energy efficiency and incentive programs. I am shocked that this will mean, specifically, the loss of $52 million in revenue for the City of Toronto’s TransformTO, as well as $100 million in funds for school retrofits. Doing this at a time when flooding and forest fires are costing us billions in losses.

I am concerned that the Government of Ontario submitted an application (EBR Registry Number: 013-3221) to dismantle Ontario’s Cap and Trade program without consulting the people of Ontario as is required by law under Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights.   Our environmental rights and our rights to fair process must be respected.

Please do everything you can to ensure that the proposed dismantling of Ontario's Cap and Trade program is sent to committee for consultation and study. 

Effective climate action is extremely urgent.  We need to both reduce our carbon footprint and we need to fund programs to reduce the impact of climate change in our communities.

I urge you not to waste taxpayer dollars trying to prevent the federal government implementing a carbon price. Carbon fees have been implemented in 45 countries around the world and assist in the transition to a renewable energy economy.

Your name and address

Please feel free to shorten or amend this letter, add your own thoughts. Please send ASAP