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There are many lists of MPs and Senators below:

  • all MPs and all Senators
  • MPs and Senators who have not yet pledged to support the fast (a few were not members at that time of the fast)
  • MPs and Senators who have pledged their support
  • Individual MP and Senators from Parties and Independents who have pledged their support

The Year column is the year in which the MP or Senator signed the pledge. If it is empty, the MP or Senator hasn't pledged yet.

Use the tabs on the left to chose which list you want to view.

Click on the header of any column to sort the data.

You can use the search box below to find an MP or Senator, riding etc.

The Asterisk (*) next to a MP's or Senator name means due to their position as speaker or deputy speaker of the House of Commons, they can't sign the pledge.