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Dear climate concerned citizens,

This is a crucial time to be in touch with your Councillor and the Mayor. It’s about the budget – and it’s also about the need to phase out reliance on gas plants. 

The City of Toronto faces a huge challenge in meeting its Climate Emergency commitment to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. Some of you have already reached out to your City Councillors to urge them to support bold climate action now – in the budget. But the best-crafted and best funded initiatives of cities like Toronto will falter if the Province goes ahead with its plans to meet electricity demand with gas-fired generating plants. 

Ford’s plan will increase greenhouse gas pollution from Ontario’s gas-fired power plants by more than 300% by 2025. It must be stopped.

What can you do right now? Please urge your councillor and Mayor John Tory to join 13 other

municipalities and adopt a motion prepared by Councillors Jennifer McKelvie and Mike Layton

calling for the phase-out of gas-fired electricity in Ontario “as soon as possible.” Just use this link

to send a message to the Mayor and your Councillor. For more information on the issue, visit the

Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

Let’s flood Councillors inbox with a show of support for the motion. Thanks so much!



Thank you to those who have already made deputations or written your councillor about the budget! The letters are going in and that is wonderful. All of you in Toronto wards should receive an appeal from us to write or phone your councillor, about the upcoming Toronto budget decision. All the relevant contact information and suggested content is provided. Please send a letter to your Councillor and cc Mayor Tory (  (Iyou have submitted a deputation make sure to also send to your councillor.)

The sample letter and councillor contact info is also all on our municipal page:

The Budget will be voted on at Budget Committee Feb 4th, at Executive Committee Feb 11th and by the full Council vote on Feb 18th.