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It's an amazing time for climate news!

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This has been an amazing few days of climate news. Not only have Chevron investors demanded emission cuts but a Dutch court has told Shell to cut emissions by half, in line with the IPCC requirement of a 45% cut by 2030. Exxon Shareholders have bucked the company by electing directors demanding climate action and the International Energy Agency has called for no new investment in fossil fuel infrastructure, and full speed ahead for renewables. This is a revolutionary turnaround and exceptionally positive news for the climate movement. 

There is additional positive news - an Australian court has affirmed that government ministers have a duty of care to protect young people from the climate crisis.

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Now is the time to continue our advocacy! Canada’s carbon target is still ‘insufficient’.
We need to see Canada set this change into place with an effective climate accountability act, Bill C 12.

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On May 17, 2021, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released Net Zero by 2050, to guide decision-makers in the lead up to the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow in November. This special report is the world’s first comprehensive study of how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050 while ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies, providing universal energy access, and enabling robust economic growth. The Climate Action Network (CAN) notes that it draws some huge conclusions:

  • Net zero won’t be easy but is within reach and would mean a better world with more jobs, lower energy costs, fewer deaths caused by pollution, energy access for all, better energy security for nations, and a healthier planet.
  • There can be no investment in new fossil fuel supply projects from now on and an immediate phase-out is needed.
  • Natural gas will peak around 2030, while oil demand peak was reached around 2 years ago.
  • There can be no more sales of petrol/diesel-fuelled cars beyond 2035.
  • The world needs to ban the sale of gas boilers by 2025.
  • There will be a massive renewables ramp-up, with renewables representing 88% of the power mix by 2050 and 67% of the overall energy mix.
  • $4 trillion of clean energy investment will create billions of new jobs and boost economic growth by 0.4% a year.
  • The IEA emphasizes that net-zero scenarios need to focus on immediate action, not 2050 goals.

Read the full report


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We are again supporting the Africa Climate Action Initiative through the Canada Africa Partnership ride taking place this year. It starts June 1st and runs to June 6th. We had a lot of fun last year. If you'd like to join the team, click on this link: . If you can't participate, you can make a donation! Whatever you can do helps Africa as they deal with the impacts of the Climate Crisis: droughts, floods, locusts, food and water insecurity.

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Food systems have a huge impact on climate and climate has a huge influence on food. Research has shown that the global food system produces almost a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This five part series on the food system - from the politics, justice, sovereignty, access, and climate - is in preparation for the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit this September. The first session is on June 7, 7:00-8:30.

More information and registration

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KTCC Monthly Support Meeting #2 coming up on July 13th at 3pm. If you've been to a KTCC training before,Please RSVP to ktcc[at] and send us any questions or ideas you'd like to discuss at the meeting by June 10th.


If you've never attended a KTCC training before, check out the website at the facebook groupKitchen Table Climate Conversations [at}, or the Youtube channel,ClimateFast Action. Then, drop us a line at ktcc[at] if you're interested in attending.

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Campaign for the Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty

Webcast Tue, June 15, 2021, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Join the movement for a fossil fuel free future! Learn about the global campaign for a Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty and about our campaign for Toronto to endorse the Treaty. Speakers TBA. Organized by ClimateFast and other member groups in the Toronto Climate action community.




World Environment Day

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June 5th is World Environment Day 2021, which will be the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This is a global rallying cry for everyone – from governments to corporations and citizens – to do their part in healing our ailing planet. GreenPac offers sample tweets and emails for you to let politicians know the solutions you want to see for our ecosystems.

National Indigenous History Month

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June is National Indigenous History Month, and June 21st is National Indigenous People’s Day. ClimateFast invites all of its members to learn more about histories of Indigenous people, both here in Tkaronto and across Turtle Island. For non-Indigenous people concerned about our climate emergency, understanding Indigenous history is important. The climate crisis has its roots in extractive capitalism, the colonization of Indigenous lands, and the forced dispossession of Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples resisted these forces in the past and they resist them to this day. Many Indigenous people are fighting on the frontlines to defend their lands, waters, and people against fossil fuel corporations intent on expanding their industries at great cost to us all.

We invite you to support Indigenous people by learning more about the Land Back movement, a movement to restore land to Indigenous people, restore Indigenous cultures and restore Indigenous systems of governance, relationships and responsibilities. We are in solidarity with the Treaty People Gathering's mass civil resistance action in northern Minnesota June 5-8 https://treatypeoplegathering. By putting their bodies on the line, participants are there not only to stop Enbridge's Line 3 through Anishinaabe treaty land and the Mississippi Headwaters but to make a stand against the systems that ignore treaties and force violence to Indigenous land and bodies for generations.

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The David Suzuki Foundation calls for Canadians to send an e-mail in support of Indigenous governance to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and your provincial premier.

Watch a video recording of a webinar featuring Indigenous thought leaders reflecting on the Land Back movement and pathways towards more just land/water governance systems. You can also view their new video series on land governance in Canada, past, present and future, and learn more about the Land Back movement.

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Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has released its plan for assessing how Ontario can phase-out its gas-fired power plants. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance has responded to the IESO, stressing the importance of pursuing a full phase out of gas-fired generation. Read their full submission to the IESO.


Twenty-six Ontario municipalities have passed resolutions calling for gas plants to be phased out. Now is the time for Ontario to seriously plan how to eliminate gas-fired electricity from its power system by 2030.


To be added to the email list for communications related to this engagement or to submit comments and enquiries, please email


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Plastic not only poses an immense pollution problem—it also exacerbates climate change.

From Environmental Defense: On May 12, the federal government listed plastic as “toxic” under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). This listing is a crucial first step in Canada’s fight against plastic pollution. But now members of the plastics and petrochemical industry are suing the federal government in an attempt to stop Canada from tackling the plastic pollution crisis. Take action today and urge the federal government to defend its action on plastic and move forward with regulations to end Canada’s plastic pollution problem. See Environmental Defense’s form letter here. 

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Canada’s top ten pension funds manage about $1.8 trillian. Tell your pension fund to protect the planet and your pension.


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The inaugural People’s AGM on RBC’s True Impact, hosted by Leadnow, Banking on a Better Future, Greenpeace,, and North99 - Wednesday, June 2, 2021 7pm EST on Zoom. RBC and other banks have huge investments in the fossil fuel industry. Learn how you can hold RBC accountable for climate action.

Sign up here

Etobicoke Climate Solutions Workshop - June 3, 7:00 pm on Zoom
You are invited to share your concerns about climate change, learn about the City’s #TransformTO climate change plans and meet some Etobicoke innovators sharing their

solutions for a greener Etobicoke and a cooler planet.
Free registration

The Community Health Climate Action Initiative and Shift Action - June 9, 12-1pm

Join current and retired healthcare workers across Ontario and climate and energy experts from Shift to learn how you can help protect your pension and tackle the climate crisis.



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Agriculture and land use, as well as the larger global food system, are among the biggest contributors to climate change. “Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis” details and quantifies the planet-healing potential of land use, agricultural practices, and food systems. Download this important new publication from Project Drawdown to learn more.

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C40 Cities on a Green and Just Recovery: New research by the C40 Global Mayors COVID-19 

The Recovery Task Force shows a green and just recovery could deliver transformative economic, health and emission reduction benefits across the world’s 100 leading cities.

Watch the 2-minute video

Read the statement from the C40 Global Mayors Covid-19 Recovery Task Force

Youth Climate Lab is a Canada-based, global non-profit organization that accelerates youth-led climate policy, projects, and businesses. The YCL Toolbox has innovative resources and workshops that support youth to leverage their lived experiences as expertise and take action on key climate issues.

Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) is focused on building broad-based support for very large-scale action on climate change. To help engage conservative-minded voters, ClimateSAN is engaging military and intelligence experts to speak about the impacts of climate change on human security. ClimateSAN is also advocating for civil society to develop strategies that enable everyone to benefit from implementing this level of action.


ClimateSAN hosted a conference about climate, security, solutions and finance in conjunction with the NATO Association of Canada and the Modern War Insititute at West Point on May 18th & 19th, 2021, called "Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security: What Can Be Done?”. Several prominent leaders in their respective fields spoke at this conference. To view video recordings of the sessions in this conference along with links related information, see: Conference Summary.


We welcome everyone who is concerned about climate change to join us in building broad-based support for large-scale action on this issue. To learn how, visit: Current Climate Warming Trend and Call to Action.

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Consider rewilding your backyard. Rewilding is the process of allowing more natural areas and native vegetation into our human-modified places. Rewilding is a great way to combat climate change, as natural areas sequester more carbon and preserve biodiversity.Click here for a guide on the process, click here for further information and click here for a provider of native Ontario seeds. If you want to read something really cool, click here for Pleistocene Park.


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