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The Fast for Climate Justice has gathered support from 42 MPs and 13 senators.

Our total includes 22 Liberal MPs, and 13 Liberal Senators, 18 NDP MPs, Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer. Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae has signed. The Environment Minister, Peter Kent, was a no-show. There have been no signatures received from Conservative MPs and we are awaiting a response from Bloc Quebeçois members.

The fasters are calling for MPs to pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies, put a price on carbon, and develop a renewable energy plan for Canada.

We are missing any leadership at all from Prime Minister Stephen Harper or Environment Minister Peter Kent. They are taking Canada in absolutely the wrong direction. The age of the dinosaurs – fossil fuels – for energy is over. A quick transition to renewables is essential for our survival.” Sylvia Grady, faster.

Climate Fast participants continue to urge the citizens of Canada to contact their government representatives and demand urgent action.

Prime Minster Harper is going full steam ahead in absolutely the wrong direction, it’s the direction of disaster. Mulcair and Rae must challenge the attacks by Harper head on. They must show Canadians a positive direction forward. There are no jobs on a dad planet, and plenty of work in a renewable-based economy’ said faster Lyn Adamson, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

We are calling for three very essential steps forward: ending fossil fuel subsidies, putting a price on carbon, and developing a renewable energy plan for Canada. This is common sense. It is what the rest of the world is doing and we need to be doing the same. It’s time for some climate leadership in Canada.

We need to act fast. Otherwise my country will be one-third under water from sea rise’ said Dewan Afzal.

Hungry for Climate Leadership is composed of a diverse group of participants, including two indigenous women, a Bangladeshi-Canadian retiree, and a retired teacher. For profiles please see:

For further inquires please contact:

Lyn Adamson Tel: 416-731-6605

Dewan Afzal Tel: 905- 302-9837