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Sample Letter 2015 02 01 ClimateFast

This month we invite you to write your premier, MLA (MPP or MNA) and copy the editor of your local paper as well as the leaders of the opposition.

1. Identify something your province is doing right and congratulate them.
2. Identify the most important gap in policy from our three asks:

a. Put a price on carbon
b. Stop subsidizing fossil fuel
c. Focus on renewable energy
3. Ask your MLA (MPP or MNA) and premier to do something about that gap.
4. Emphasize that low oil prices give us a unique opportunity to turn our energy policies around and that provinces can help by putting in a price on carbon. Tell them you like the Fee and Dividend option. Imagine the political benefit if people are receiving green cheques in the mail from their province because of a fee on carbon. What a way to sell this policy shift to the population.

Dear Premier;

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your work on improving our provincial record on climate change. Your action to (implement a carbon tax, support renewable energy, shut down coal plants, make strong conditions on approval of any pipeline) means a lot to me.

The scientific evidence is so strong that we must take aggressive action to combat climate change if we are to avoid a greater than 2° increase in average temperatures. I believe lower oil prices give us an excellent opportunity to implement an effective price on carbon. My hope is that you will look at the fee and dividend model as the best model to ensure Canadians are helped to make the adjustment. It will be well received politically if Canadians are receiving regular green cheques to help pay their higher costs. In addition, a price on carbon now will ensure people don’t go backwards to old ways. It will keep us moving forward to a renewable energy future with high quality, good paying green jobs all over Canada.

Please take action in 2015 to put an effective price on carbon, and to support renewable energy in our province.

Sincerely yours,

Your name