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Dear MP

The Ontario Climate Change Consultation process is a fine example of how we need to be addressing climate change issues in Canada. It is time to stop arguing about the science and move forward with critical actions if we want to avoid 4-6 degrees of warming this century. We need immediate actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and long-term actions to integrate sound energy policies with all other aspects of the Canadian economy. We need to engage every sector of our economy in finding the new technological solutions to move us forward – from construction and buildings to transportation, to high tech electrical grids across Canada. We need to adopt serious climate objectives together and work together towards solving this urgent issue facing us, and the world.

The Federal Government has two important roles in this process. First, it sets the rules that everybody operates by, and provides financial incentives to either encourage or discourage a particular sector. We are asking you to put disincentives on carbon usage by implementing a price on carbon across the country. We are asking you to stop encouraging oil and gas exploration by getting rid of all subsidies to fossil fuels. We are asking you to encourage renewable energy by putting any incentives or subsidies in that direction instead.

Second, the Federal Government has a big role to play in building the Canadian infrastructure. Transit, trains, and local conservation and building retrofit programs are all places where the Federal Government can lend a hand. Let’s get moving on this important issue. Let’s set strong aggressive targets for COP 21 in Paris in December 2015.

Cc Prime Minister
Thomas Mulcair
Justin Trudeau
Elizabeth May
Kathleen Wynne
Murray Glen.