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Dear Elected Leaders,

I am celebrating that all but three of the Provincial First Ministers showed up to make plans for climate action. I am delighted that Ontario will work with Quebec toward a more renewable energy future. I am thankful that we are beginning to have the discussion we need about the most serious security risk of our time: climate change. I hope you will make sure your policies support the development of healthy sustainable economies today and a healthy planet for our grandchildren tomorrow.

Now is the time to Step Up.
• Step Up to honour the Earth with ClimateFast on Earth Day.
• Encourage Businesses to Step UP– to put a renewable energy future in their short and long range plans. Businesses owe a debt to the earth and to the communities that support and sustain them.
• Encourage Cities to Step Up –to become livable low carbon communities.
• Encourage Provinces to Step Up – to build us the renewable energy electrical infrastructure we need to replace fossil fuels. Foster innovation in buildings and transportation.
• Step Up Canada – Give us a fair, effective, national framework that will stimulate innovaton.
o Give us a national price on carbon and
o Eliminate all subsidies on fossil fuels.
o Develop a renewable energy plan for Canada
• Help Canadians learn to work with the new price on fossil fuels. Educate us about the need for a renewable energy future.
• Step Up For First Nations.
• Step UP for the vulnerable, the elderly, the homeless, disabled, and working poor! Make sure everyone can live with dignity. Help us adjust.

Let’s work together to build a sustainable lifestyle for the world in the twenty-first century.

(Your name and address)
You can find your MP’s information from our links on the letter tab at plus emails for party leaders and critics.