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Dear MP (or Corporate President)

On Labour Day I write to tell you that as a worker, it is my hope that Canada (this company) will do all it can to prepare us for a twenty-first century economy based on green jobs. Climate Change is the greatest challenge we face as a company, as a country, and as a world. It is time for real leadership and action now.

Every day we continue to rely on fossil fuels to push our economy or our company forward is a step in the wrong direction. We fall further behind the countries that are showing leadership. We need to invest in energy conservation and renewable energy. We need to put Canadians to work solving the problem of climate change by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and by supporting renewable energy. We need the high quality technical jobs that a new, innovative green infrastructure would provide.

A few simple steps will take us a long way in the right direction.
· Canada needs to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. The IMF estimates we do this to the tune of $2 Billion a year.
· We need to put a price on carbon. B.C.’s carbon tax has worked to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and has not stopped growth in the economy or resulted in job loss.
· We need to develop a national plan to make the transition to an economy based on renewable energy.

As a worker I want a strong future for my children and grandchildren. If we continue as we are doing we are on track for global warming of six degrees. This will be catastrophic for everyone, and all species, all over the world. Every person has to do what s/he can to turn this around. We need your strong leadership to take on this difficult task. Will you take the pledge at and commit to working towards the three steps outlined above?

Sincerely yours,