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Dear (Your MP) cc to your local newspaper, 3 party leaders

Canada is still lagging way behind in setting real, sufficient, and effective targets to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. I am really concerned that with current energy prices so low, we will completely ignore the necessity to leave larger reserves of fossil fuels in the ground. Even Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada and current governor of the Bank of England has stated we have to leave the fossil fuel reserves in the ground. There is no room in the atmosphere to add all that carbon pollution. We are headed toward 6 degrees of global warming if we do not change course.

The good news is that we now know that a 100% renewable energy future is technically and financially possible. Countries that are on that path are creating jobs and doing well. Private Companies will not take the leadership role we need as long as they have a plentiful supply of cheap fossil fuel energy. Governments must take the lead for the well-being of our children, our environment, and our long-term security.
• We need a real plan to get to 80% renewable energy by 2050. To start with, low carbon energy solutions need a level playing field or even positive incentives.
• We need to stop subsidizing oil and gas companies.
• Innovation will bring us good jobs while we find new ways to heat and cool our homes and drive our vehicles.
• Retrofit programs could provide jobs for our young people and reduce through conservation.

Canada could show real leadership by negotiating a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Arctic with Russia. We could make safe that sensitive ecosystem by leaving all that oil in the ground. Alberta could show real leadership by slowing production in the Oil Sands and investing instead in its plentiful opportunities for renewable energy.
• We can sell a green Canada politically.

Let’s pretend that as a species we have cerebral cortexes and are capable of rational planning for the sake of our children. Let’s plan to leave unneeded carbon fuels in the ground.

Sincerely yours,