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(Ottawa) We are a group of seven climate activists who are deeply concerned about the rapidly worsening climate crisis.  One of the immediate effects is the drought we have had this summer that is resulting in high food prices and will bring about increasing hunger in our world.  We want to express our concern in a way that can bring pressure for political action.  This has led us to initiate a fast for climate action to be held September 21 to October 2.  We call our group Hungry for Climate Leadership.  Our fast and vigil for climate justice will be held on Parliament Hill.  Fasters include Bangladeshi Canadian, Dewan Afzal, retired teacher Rita Bijons, Sylvia Grady, a Quaker, indigenous activist Raven Courtney and Co-Chair of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Lyn Adamson, Ken Billings, Betty Muir and Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu.

The time is now to stand for Mother Earth.  Fasting is a small sacrifice for what is being done to the planet.  We need to open our eyes.  I'm here because I care about the future”, indigenous activist Raven Courtney.

In solidarity with our fast, we are asking the citizens of Canada to contact their government representatives and demand urgent action, especially the elimination of all fossil fuel subsidies. We suggest that people write letters to the editor of their local newspapers with the same demands.

"The future is very uncertain right now.  We are creating conditions for mass starvation and suffering. The Arctic sea ice is melting now at a much faster rate than anyone had predicted.  We have had decades of warning and yet governments have not taken meaningful action.”  Lyn Adamson, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Our purpose is to call for the Canadian Government to take action now to do its part to mitigate the climate change crisis, the greatest threat to our children's future.

 The math of climate change is this: if we dig up and use the remaining fossil fuels we will cook the planet.  We need to be transitioning to renewables and we need to take action fast.   See Bill McKibben's article in the Rolling Stone for details. is external)


*Editor’s note: Photo opportunity; Indigenous Ceremony opens the 12 day ‘Hungry for Climate Leadership Campaign” on Parliament Hill. Fast time begins - 9am Friday September 21st

For further inquires please contact:
Lyn Adamson Tel: 416-731-6605
Dewan Afzal Tel:  905- 302-9837

For more information as well as a detailed schedule of events please visit our website at: