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(Ottawa) Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP Saanich-Gulf Islands will join seven, non-partisan climate-change activists in front of Centre Block at noon, Tuesday, September 25, to show her support for their courageous fast.

Hungry for Climate Leadership launched their 12-day Parliament Hill fast on September 21 and will continue until October 2nd. May began her solidarity fast yesterday and will continue for four days until Thursday.

"I have joined this awareness hunger strike because we need climate-change policies and action now! The past few months of droughts, hurricanes, bad harvests, and the Arctic ice melt have made me more concerned than ever about the future of our planet," said May.

Hungry for Climate Leadership, a small group of climate activists, deeply concerned about the rapidly worsening climate crisis, will meet with Elizabeth May on Parliament Hill today at noon.  Now on day 5 of their fast, they want to get the word out to Global Citizens that Canadians care about climate change and are asking their Government representatives to manifest that concern.

Our elected representatives say it is hard to act, when so few of their constituents are expressing concern about this issue. Meanwhile though, we know that, in 2010 at least, it was Environment Minister Prentice who was contacted more than any other federal minister by paid lobbyists and, of those, the majority represented oil, gas and other energy companies. You can be sure they weren't asking for an end to fossil fuel subsidies!” Jan Slakov, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

 “One of the immediate effects is the drought we have had this summer that is resulting in high food prices and will bring about increasing hunger in our world.  We want to express our concern in a way that can bring pressure for political action.  This has led us to the steps of the seat of our government. We are holding this action from September 21 to October 2.  Our group, Fast and Vigil for Climate Justice and Leadership, will be waiting there to welcome you.” Sylvia, One of the activist members.
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