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Toronto Mayoral and Municipal Election is October 22.  Climatefast urges all its supporters to get involved.

There is a number of ways you can get involved.  Find out who your local candidates are.  The wards are now identical to the provincial election ridings.  Click here to view which riding you are in.

Ask your local candidates where they stand on action on climate change and whether they will support fully funding TransformTO.  Let your candidates know that action for climate change is a top priority for you. Ask them where they stand on issues that impact climate change such as funding public transport, making it safe for cyclists and pedestrians, more green spaces and tree planting, improving recycling and composting, retrofitting city social housing and municipal buildings and building net zero energy consumption commercial and residential buildings. 

You can also volunteer for a candidate that is a climate champion.  Candidates needs hundreds of volunteers to deliver flyers and signs, call voters, knock on doors and more.  Contact your candidate and ask how you can help.  

Talk to your neighbours and let them know an election is coming.  If you part of an association suggest holding an all candidates meeting.  This will give you an opportunity to ask questions of all candidates on climate change matters.  

The Mayoral race is on and John Tory is being challenged by a number of highly qualified individulas such as Sarah Climenhaga, Saron Gebresellassi, and Jennifer Keesmaat. Write to the candidates and ask where they stand on taking concrete action on climate change.  

Make your voice heard by getting involved.  Write, call or use social media to show your support for action on climate change.