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Carolynne Crawley is a Mi'kmaw woman with mixed ancestry from the East Coast known today as Nova Scotia. She is dedicated to social and environmental justice including supporting Indigenous rights. Carolynne has worked with one of Canada’s largest food security organizations for the past decade. As the Indigenous Food Access Manager, she worked with James Bay remote communities to increase access to affordable and healthy foods, developed a cross cultural youth program focusing upon the Indigenous way of being in relationship with land, and organized a province wide Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering that included ceremonies and networking opportunities. Previously, Carolynne worked in the mental health sector for twenty years as a Child & Youth Worker. Currently, Carolynne operates her own business, Msit Nokmaq, which focuses upon decolonizing current interactions with the land, self and others to build healthy and reciprocal relationships. Her work includes facilitating the Kairos Blanket Exercise which educates non -Indigenous people of Canada about the history of land theft and genocide of Indigenous peoples. Carolynne is passionate about sharing teachings from the land, knowledge of traditional/survival skills and emergency preparedness. She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

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