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Cheyenne is a farmer and the founder of Sundance Harvest. She likes growing food because of the independence it brings her and her community. She is a self-taught farmer out of necessity due to the lack of anti-oppressive and food justice farm orientated schools in Ontario. Cheyenne is a food and community justice advocate who teaches urban farming "by us, for us, for sustenance." She has extensive skills in workshop facilitation from students to board members. She aims to grow more than food, growing people’s ability to hold space within themselves emotionally on the land and blossom a lifelong connection with growing food, the earth and themselves. "Those most marginalized in the food system must be in leadership positions for true food justice." She sells her organic produce online and at the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market, and in 2020 initiated the "Liberating Lawns" yard sharing project seeking to match prospective food growers with landholders so that their lawns can be liberated!

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