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Fridays for Future - Toronto have partnered with multiple different oranizations for the UN Climate Week (September 21 - September 27), to host events focusing on five different pillars. ClimateFast is working on a few different events and actions for September 22, 2020 based on the pillar "Livable Futures for All".

A livable future for all means acting on the climate crisis and no longer funding destructive industry. It means not putting profits before people, but instead investing in ways that strengthen our communities. It means helping workers and communities during a Just Transition to a circular economy of care. It means acting for racial justice and insisting that people and planet are no longer harmed and devalued. We must have a greener, healthier and equitable future! The time is now.

Faria Amin describes what a Livable Future for All means to her!

What does it mean to you?