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The event tonight is brought to you by ClimateFast, DrawdownTO, EcoJust Food Network
and Green Thumbs Growing Kids.

Speakers include:

Allie Rougeot (MC), Fridays for Future Toronto coordinator - a tireless advocate for sane climate policy.

Isaac Crosby - based at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, he is a horticulturalist, historian and a leader in re-indigenizing urban agriculture, which requires us to learn how to be in deep relationship to the living land and all beings.

Mary Delaney - Land Over Landings - Hear the story behind a movement that has grown from a protest against an airport to becoming a powerful force for local food, rural revitalization, farmland and water preservation in a time of climate change.

Darrin Qualman - National Farmers Union /Farmers for Climate Solutions- is uniquely qualified to show how federal agricultural policy should be changed to support regenerative agricultural methods that can reduce emissions, increase carbon sinks and improve farm incomes.

Rachel Parent- founder of Kids Right to Know - a consumer activist for labelling of GMO based foods and powerful critic of the consequences of their use for human and ecosystem health.

Note: the video Nature is Speaking was shown as the first item in the program. Due to copyright, it was removed from the webcast video. It is available and can be see in the playlist for this Food & Farming #2 webcast.