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Previously Recorded Webcasts

Below are links to some of our recorded webcasts. Go to our ClimateFast Action YouTube channel to see additional webcasts and clips


GroundWork: Food + Land + Climate

Climate Fast in collaboration with Drawdown Toronto, EcoJust Food Network & Green Thumbs Growing is presenting a series of webinars about agriculture, land-use and climate change. In this three part series we examine the food system as a source of carbon emissions but also how agriculture can be a climate solution. Food systems have a huge impact on climate and climate has a huge influence on food production.We are bringing to light the importance of the land and food production as drivers of global warming--and what we can do about it! 

June 7: Food, Land, Climate: Groundwork for change


Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Launch - Toronto
June 14, 2021



Kitchen Table Climate Conversations

This four-part training series was aimed at attendees of a Kitchen Table Climate Conversation (KTCC) hosted by ClimateFast, who were interested in possibly hosting or facilitating their own KTCC with family, friends, co-workers or other organizations.

Links to the recordings on YoutTube are below.


 Part 1: Bringing People Together: March 1, 2021

Part 2: A Model Conversation: March 15, 2021

Part 3: Technical Nuts and Bolts

Part 4: Collective Courage

Online Advoacy Training for Climate Action
January 18, 2021

In preparation for Toronto City's Council consideration of the 2021 city budget, ClimateFast brought together seasoned advocates to provide tips and tools for residents to urge their councillors to support full funding of Transform TO and other initiatives to reduce fossil fuel depence within the City of Toronto. Over 75 people attended this session. 



Our Common Ground: Canadian and African Voice for Regenerative Agriculture as a Climate Solution
September 22, 2020

Soil erosion and desertification are happening today at alarming rates, driving water and food insecurity, forced migration, and climate change. Estimates indicate that between 44% and 57% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the global food system.

At current rates of soil degredation, the UN has indicated that we may only have 60 harvests left. There are multiple threats to our food supply and food justice that need to be understood and addressed by all of us - and a solution that lies right beneath our feet. 'Our Common Ground' brings together Canadian and African voices to feature a key ally in the transition to a regenerative future: our soils. Partner For a full list of speakers, please see below or check the registration link.


Speakers for Our Common Ground, include: 

Our Moderator:

→ Karl Thidemann, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Soil4Climate

Our Contributors:

→ Laurent Mascar Ngoma, Agro-Environmentalist, Senior Independent UN Expert

→ Dalmas Tiampati, Founder and Director, Maasai Centre for Regenerative Pastoralism

→ Paul Slomp, Grazing Days Farm

→ Michael Collins, Executive Director, Americas, Institute for Economics and Peace

→ Kirubel Tadele, Communications Officer, African Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA)

→ Jackie Milne, Founder and President, Northern Farm Training Institute, Savory Hub

→ Mbarouk Omar, Director, Community Forests Pemba

→ More to be confirmed!


Climate Solutions: An Interactive Simulation Workshop
Presented by Doug Pritchard
Hosted by ClimateFast

ClimateFast broadcasted a Climate Solutions Workshop on Thursday, August 20th at 7 pm. This event is an En-ROADS simulation and was facilitated by Doug Pritchard, who is an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador. It was held on Zoom for 1 hour and 40 minutes and it was an interactive workshop where up to 75 participants will learned to use En-ROADS, a policy simulation model that allows users to explore different climate solutions and their impacts on temperature change.

Doug Pritchard hosted the event. Doug has a PhD in chemical engineering from Queen’s University and worked for many years in the petrochemical industry. He then worked in international human rights as Co-Director of Christian Peacemaker Teams, and now is Coordinator of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Toronto East chapter. Thank you to Doug for participating and acting as a host and guide for the simulation.

En-ROADS is a simulation which allows users to both examine different climate policies, to gain a greater understanding of how these policies affect climate change, as well as compare current status quo policies with more ambitious ones. In a group workshop setting, such as our event, it is meant to help participants learn about climate solutions. It is a popular simulation, with over 27 000 participants worldwide in 65 countries having already used it. 

We are delighted to be broadcasting this En-ROADS Climate Solutions Workshop with Doug to provide participants a chance to learn about this program and interact with it. 

You can watch the recorded version of the Workshop here:

If you would like to learn more about the En-ROADS simulation, please check out this short video: and also their website:

ClimateFast - Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild Online Consultation

On June 24th, 2020, ClimateFast hosted a live, online consultation with Megan MacLean and Tamara Grossutti from TransformTO and Sarah Gingrich and Stewart Dutfield of the Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild.
If you missed the online consultation, you can watch the entire recorded event here - Staff Presentations start about 14 minutes into the video.


The TORR Survey Deadline has been extended until July 15th! - So, if you haven't filled in the survey or would like to share with others, please take a few moments and do so!

If you'd like to send a letter with your thoughts and concerns, send to: ! Please send ASAP, this week is best!

A big thank you to our presenters Megan MacLean and Tamara Grossutti of TransformTO and Sarah Gingrich and Stewart Dutfield of the Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuld.

You are welcome to contact these staff with follow-up inquiries or to cc them on your letter to the RecoveryRebuild email address:

We can’t go back to business-as-usual after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’re building a movement for a #JustRecoveryforAll  that puts people first. Read more about the 6 Principles for a Just Reovery for All here:


United Nations 2020 World Environment Day: Time for Nature, Biodiversity in the City
ClimateFast Webcast on Friday, June 5th

Speakers will share Indigenous knowledge, gardening, urban agriculture, trees, protecting our green spaces for a post-COVID world.
Stream the recorded webcast on YouTube here!

Click here to find full bios for the ClimateFast UN 2020 World Environment Day Webcast: Time for Nature, Biodiversity in the City

"UN World Environment Day is this Friday, June 5th. It is a day of observance, meant to promote environmental awareness and strengthen our commitment to taking environmental action. It was first observed in 1974 and has since been celebrated annually with a different theme each year. The theme for 2020 is biodiversity. WIth the ability to "[engage] governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue" (United Nations Environment Programme, 2019), it is an important day for progress. It allows for goal-making and education, as well as reflecting on how we interact with our environment. More information on World Environment Day can be found at

ClimateFast is celebrating by broadcasting a live webcast on YouTube from 7-8:30 PM EDT. It will be hosted by Allie Rougeot and Aminah Attar, who volunteer with Fridays for Future Toronto. The family-friendly webcast will feature videos, performances, and speakers who will discuss biodiversity within the city of Toronto, including urban agriculture, waterways and our green spaces. Viewers will also get the chance to ask the speakers questions near the end of the webcast. Observing World Environment Day this year is especially valuable given our current situation, as getting out of the house to explore nature and our unique ecosystems will help us enjoy our environment and provide a safe distraction from COVID-19." - Faria Raisa Amin

Speakers will present on urban agriculture, waterways, our green spaces and local biodiversity. Family-friendly! First 30 minutes will include songs and stories suitable for ages 8 and up.

MCs: Allie Rougeot and Aminah Attar, Fridays for Future Toronto

Presenters include:

CAROLYNNE CRAWLEY, Mi'kmaw woman, Nature & Forestry Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist

SUNDAY HARRISON, founder and Executive Director of Green Thumbs Growing Kids

MADELEINE MCDOWELL, Lambton House director, walking tour guide, Humber River champion

AMBIKA TENNETI, Rivers Rising project of Toronto Green Community 

KRYSTYN TULLY, Vice President and co-founder of Swim Drink Fish Canada

CHEYENNE SUNDANCE, Urban farmer, Sundance Harvest, youth mentor, founder of Liberate Lawns

LORRAINE JOHNSON, Organic gardener, author, food activist

COLIN LOVE, Community Learning Team, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority/The Meadoway



African Climate Action Initiative Launch

Stream the recorded live event on YouTube here!


Earth Day 2020: Towards a Green and Healthy Recovery

View Our Recorded Earth Day 2020 Webcast at this link: 

Read about the Event on Toronto 350's Blog:
"Inspiration from EarthDay 2020 Webcast, Toward a Green and Healthy Recovery" by Colleen Lynch

You can find bios for the Earth Day 2020 speakers and action links here: